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Spring River Tour

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Miraculous Rain On Dry Kansas Fields

Our friends in Wakeeney, KS were going through extreme drought, and if it didn’t rain soon their fields would die so we decided to stop by on our way to Mexico and pray, worship and drum on the land. We fellowshipped and spied out the land. Our team prayed and worshiped on the top floor of the barn where we asked for the blessings of rain. We decreed that because there is no drought in Israel and Kansas is connected to Israel, there would be no drought in Kansas. While we sang and danced a wedding dance, it started to sprinkle! Later when we were in Mexico… we got a text that they had so much rain the ponds were full!!! Glory to God!

Native American Ministry

Lisa and the WarDoves have been praying and interceding for many years for God to visit the Native American tribes and for an open door for Warring Dove International to minister to tribes in Mexico. God definitely opened doors for us on this trip!! We had the opportunity to minister in two Native American churches in New Mexico and also to visit two Yaqui villages in Mexico. The tribes received our ministry and we have an open door to minister to any of them when we are able to return. The Lord visited mightily in the area of inner healing in the Native churches in Albuquerque. We released the sound of heaven and they were greatly touched.

We were invited to two of the Yaqui villages in Sonora MX. Lisa shared the vision God gave her for the Yaqui tribe of a hidden spring of fresh water, and the tribal leaders received her word. They told us when they experience difficult times, the Creator sends them a prophet to give them wisdom and lead them in what to do. They felt like Lisa was the prophet He sent. While we were meeting with them, God spoke to her to ask them to give her a leader to be her father and to teach her the ways of the Yaqui people. They said they would all teach her their ways, and they would also give her a specific father. They were amazed at the prophetic words and understanding of their secrets.

The morning we went to the second village, before we left, a prophet called Lisa. She said, “Lisa is like a song that will open up the Native American tribes.” When we were speaking with some of the delegates before our meeting with the Chief and elders, Apostle Lisa told them her Native name was Warring Dove. They said that her name was like a song in their language which really touched their hearts and hers too.

After we left the chief and elders, we went back to the house of the woman who introduced us to the Yaqui people. She brought her family to her house to meet us and we got to pray for many of them. Pastor Gustavo felt that God told him to give a message of salvation and everyone in the family (22 members) gave their lives to the Lord except one young man. It was so awesome!! The woman was healed of ear pain and other issues caused by high blood pressure, and her dad was able to move his face and arm after having a stroke. God did many great things during our time in Mexico.

Apostolic Work and Evangelism

Our team spent time fellowshipping and loving on our churches in Obregon and Guaymas. We strengthened our bonds of love and encouraged and the ministries there. The students got an opportunity to spread their wings by preaching in some of the services and ministering at the altar. God moved in a powerful way through all of the team members.

We joined with a group of young people in one of the churches in street evangelism. They make large posters and stand on the streets holding them up to tell the people driving by about Jesus. We also handed out Spanish tracts and invited the people to the services for about four hours. The team members had the opportunity to pray for people on the streets and in the parking lots!

The first Saturday we were in Mexico, we went to two very poor communities to play with the children and give them toys. There was also a meeting for the mothers and a few of the ladies received Jesus. The children and women had a great time and we were able to get to know them and show them God’s love.

Several individuals received Christ and the baptism of Holy Spirit. We did evangelism, counseling, visiting the sick, and training. Apostle Lisa spoke to pastors and leaders in several cities. Our students were able to use their gifts and experience the mission field. We are hoping to return to work among the Pueblos and Yaqui tribes in November 2104. We will be going to Cuernavaca and Oaxaca Mexico in 2015.

Following the Cloud

The children of Israel learned dependence and flexibility by following the cloud. Warring Dove International Ministries and Eagle Rock Church have also enjoyed the “Journey of Flexibility.” We have moved again… again? Yes, again. God has blessed us to relocate in a much better facility to enable our world headquarters to have more space to work, and we have expanded the healing rooms and intercession. We need your prayers and support as we support and train other ministries globally. We have started “Saturday Schools” in other cities with the hope that we can train more WarDoves to release Heaven on Earth. Become a virtual missionary and World Partner today. You can follow the Cloud with us. Please let us know how we can help and pray for you by emailing us using the email under the contact tab on this website.

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