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MEDIA - Wings & Wheels

Join our Wardoves on location and experience what God’s doing around the world. "Wings and Wheels" Video Series provide mission updates and global testimonies.

Mission Mozambique

Felitu Utuie with Africa on Fire Ministries invited WDI to come and help with the following in Mozambique and South Africa:

* Hosting Crusades and Revivals in various cities/villages

* Having a VBS for the 250+ orphans and children

* Pastoral trainings for new ministers


Please be praying for WDI and Africa on Fire: for strength, miracles, Devine encounters, open hearts, protection and above all FRUIT. We believe God is calling forth and raising up a generation of warriors out of the the place many call the “dark land” to bring HIS light to the world.


Felitu puts it this way: " We believe God is pursuing His people in Africa. He is passionate about taking Africa for His Kingdom, and is looking for hearts willing to accept His call and mission in Africa. He is asking, "Do you want to be part of this? Are you willing?" Our answer is "Yes!" and we invite you to join us. God is not looking for our ability, but our availability."


Let us sow into our future, and partner with the mission of Africa on Fire. They’re currently building schools for the orphans under their wings, and taking on many other projects in the coming months.


Head to their website to read more and or give:

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