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The Spyglass

Prophetic Strategies & Intercession Targets

by Lisa McFarland

Moses sent spies into the Promised Land to bring back a vision, and they all brought back a report. Joshua and Caleb brought back a "good report," a vision of hope and victory. They were able to look through God's "spyglass" and call forth faith to see the future as God sees it.


The Spyglass presents current cutting edge revelation and prophetic insights for this season. Published in 2022, The Spyglass includes the words spoken in workshops, newsletters, and in person and draws from perspectives gleaned from God's Word, others in ministries, and from partners around the world.

We have decided to publish some of this season's revelations and strategies to assist you. You may purchase directly from our publisher.

Paperback - 165 Pages - $15.00


We now offer downloadable Mp3 sermon files!

It's convenient, fast, and easy! You can purchase a MP3 series set or an individual sermon file. Upon purchase, you'll have the ability to download the file right to your device. 

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