Heavenly Garment Tour

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Gifts of Garments

This year we hosted a team of Mongolian delegates who traveled to America to pray because they have a deep burden on their hearts for the American Bride. The Chinese people have gone through so much suffering for the Gospel and they have remained strong in the Lord. God told them that America is going to go through suffering, but He would clothe us in heavenly garments and He would use the Chinese people to comfort us with the comfort they received themselves. They hand-made around 100 beautiful garments to give to Americans during their prayer journey. God guided their hands while they were sewing and miraculously every garment fit even though they had not taken any measurements!

We met Annie and her team at the End Time Handmaiden World Missions Convention in Saint Louis MO. They gave heavenly garments to the leaders of the End Time Handmaidens and many others. They danced, waved banners, and shared many prophetic acts. They spent many days and nights fasting and interceding for our country because of their love for us. We watched as they awaken people to God’s deep love and their identity as heavenly brides.

Topeka Visit

After the convention they traveled with us to Kansas, where we introduced them to Governor Brownback at his campaign office. Annie and her team blessed him with a heavenly garment and a silk scarf that represents the thousands of Chinese people who have given their lives for the Lord and prayed for him. He prayed and blessed them as well. We discovered that Gov. Brownback’s first legislation that he helped to pass during his time in Congress was to help trade along the Silk Route.

Our next stop was the Parham Building in Topeka KS, where the Pentecostal movement began and spread to Azusa Street in California. Scott Logan, the on-site director, shared with us that the first woman who spoke in tongues, spoke in Mandarin Chinese. The Chinese prayed there in the original room upstairs where Parham had a school of healing. It was very powerful and we felt that it was definitely orchestrated by the Lord.

Visiting the Nations

Rabbi Curt Landry held a service later that day at House of David, in Fairland, OK to host the Mongolian team and many of the staff and students of Warring Dove International. Several nations including China, Mongolia, Israel, Nigeria, Burundi, Hungary, Mexico, many First Nations and Americans were baptized together in the pool at House of David. This special service bound the nations together in the water and aligned us with the One New Man. We are so grateful to House of David and Rabbi Curt Landry for their love and care for the Heavenly Garment Team and Warring Dove International Ministries.

Most of the Native American tribes believe that they are descendants of the Mongolian tribal people. The Lord spoke to the intercessors in China and commissioned them to come and bless the First Nations in America. We visited Haskell Indian Nations University where the team spoke blessings and called the First Nations represented there to return to the Creator who made them. It was amazing to watch the leaders respond to “their ancestors speaking to them.” The Mongolians were able to by-pass many areas of prejudice and bitterness because of their ancestral roots and similar protocols. We watched leaders begin to cry and have their hearts opened to the Lord in a new and ancient way. God is visiting tribal peoples in this season in a powerful way.

The team was also welcomed in The Great Western Band Cherokee Nation. We met with the Principal Chief, Deputy Chief, and the Ministers of Education and Language. Gifts were exchanged and the Cherokee people were very interested in their stories and history. It was like watching a family reunion where both sides were filled with joy. They took us to the nursery and had us pray for the future generations. Apostle Clifton Pettit was our guide and ambassador during our visit to the Cherokee seat of government and culture. We were heartily invited to return soon. Please pray for God to visit the land of the Cherokee.