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There is a cry from the doves that is stirring in the land.


We Value God’s Presence

  • We don’t take it for granted

  • We protect and promote an environment that attracts it

  • Presence = Transformation

  • Revelation comes through relationship

We Value


  • Because all people are created in God’s image - then all have value.

  • Creating Healthy Lives

  • Reconciliation and Restoration

Character AND


  • Practicing what we preach

  • Worship is a Lifestyle of Obedience

  • Worship is a verb

Same Vision 

Same Values

  • How can two walk together if they’re not in agreement.

  • We intentionally partner with those that share similar values.

God is raising up a company of warriors who are totally focused on His beauty and heart. Like the eyes of a dove, they see only one thing – Him. This great love and worship stirs within them a desire to see everyone and everything submitted to the King they adore. They know to take away from His glory is treason. There is a cry from the doves that is stirring in the land. The King of Heaven is empowering His servants to take back land, families, cities and regions. Come and be mantled for service. Come and receive new strategies and weapons to take back your city. God has been speaking to you; you have felt the urge to go deeper, higher and to be more fully submitted.

Lisa is the founder of Warring Dove International which encourages men and women to seek the Glory of God and contend to see “His kingdom established on the Earth as it is in Heaven.” God is raising up men and women who are ready to take back the Kingdom. Our teams pray on the streets, worship in churches and declare the Word of God as He directs. Lisa calls those who travel and minister with her the “Wardoves” (Song of Solomon 2:10-12). These servants are sold out to God.  God has given us a mandate to release Heaven on the earth and set the captives free.

Psalm 149:6-8 says, “Let the high praises of God be in their mouths, and a two-edged sword in their hands…to bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with iron fetters.” We believe that as we worship God, He releases His angels to bind principalities and release His Glory. Countless times, we have watched God as He comes as the Breaker (Micah 2:13) and breaks through in a city, church or individual’s life. His Presence changes everything. When Heaven is released, the atmosphere changes over the city and a breaker-anointing begins to affect changes.

God began to teach us about sound and the simplicity of worship. While we are only at the beginning, God has allowed us to teach many others the principals of breakthrough, freedom and how to have intimacy with God. We have been in other countries and many cities here in the U.S.A. We do not profess to teach anything new or imply that we know everything. We simply love Him, and out of that intimacy and obedience, God has called us to help others to experience similar breakthrough and share what He has taught us.

What started out as a group of women who wanted to intercede for their city has grown into an international ministry that is still growing. We host events, conferences and mission trips. Often God sends us to places to proclaim freedom and shift the atmosphere through prophetic words and acts. 

God has given us several mandates such as helping to birth the Hispanic Awakening, and releasing the indigenous sounds and revival among the Gatekeepers, who are the First Nations peoples. God spoke to Lisa McFarland and said, “I have put my words in your mouth for the healing of the nations.”


We also partner with many other organizations such as – Jimmy Squires Ministries (Apostle Jimmy Squires)Aglow International Ministries, Kingdom League International (Apostle Tim Taylor) and House of David (Rabbi Curt Landry).


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