The Sands of Time

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Father, there’s really not a way to close something out. And we’re not closing, because actually we’re being released. So, Father, I ask You to bless all the people that You’ve sent here this weekend and You have commissioned. And, God, to the best of our ability we have obeyed You.We’ve obeyed You, God, to the best of our understanding and our capacity, Father, to fulfill what You have said. So now, God, we finish what You said – we ask You to finish what You said.

Father, I ask You to protect them, to bring them in, God – fully – where You have for them, like these doves in this [Toburen’s] vision, God, that You would bring them to their resting places, God. Father, You would go out before them like the Breaker. God, where we’ve missed something, God, You would cover it and fill it in, God. Holy Spirit, You would teach them. You would teach them how to make war; You would teach them how to make love; You would teach them how to worship. And not only these, God, but for the ones that You’re going to send after them, Father, the ones that they’re going to train and impart as well, God.

Father, I thank You for these days – small things – because we will look back and we will remember how precious it was, God, and I thank You for that. I ask You, God, Father, all the favor on my life – all the intimacy, everything that I have, God – I ask You to place it on them. Place it on them, God. Holy Spirit, come, and shield them with Your wings. Father, I ask that they would be so close to You – so close to Your presence – they can touch Your feathers, they can smell, smell Your essence. Cover them, Lord; bless them, Lord. Multiplythem, God. Multiply them, God; accelerate their growth. Accelerate their growth, Father.

I ask for angels to be assigned to each person – you warring angels – more of them, God. More of them, God. I ask for the angels that bear gifts to come and impart gifts to them and the others that were here, Father – weapons and mantles and keys – even in the days ahead, God. Father, I ask You to loose from Your discretion, Your mind, winds – those ministering winds, Your angels, God. And bring from Your treasure room, Your store-houses, God. As a gatekeeper I open the treasures, I open the storehouses. And I ask for Your ministering winds to blow out of Your discretion all that they have need of, God.

Loose the winds, God, that they can fly; loose the winds so that doors will blow open before them, God, so they will carry a Breaker Anointing, Father, a Love Anointing, mantles for war.

Teach them about the wind, Father; teach them about the wind. Show them where the winds come from, God; show them where the winds come from. Loose Your power in their lives, God; loose the power that’s hidden at Your right hand; they’re going to need it. Teach them how to summon the things that they have need of.; teach them how to call forth those things. Teach them, God, how to speak, and [how] not to speak. Quickly, Father, accelerate their growth; accelerate their knowledge of You, God.