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The Angel Of Fire

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

We were in a time of intense worship and intercession. It was in the afternoon session. I was sitting with my new friends from Quito, Ecuador. The worship intensified and I began to enter into the Spirit. When the Spirit of Revelation came I laid down to receive what God had to show me.

I was immediately standing in a sea of fire and flames. The flames were orange, yellow and red. As I was engulfed in this sea of fire I noticed that thousands of others were there with me. The sea was an enormous gathering of people who were engaged in extravagant and violent worship. They were the flames themselves.

Psalms 104:4 says,“He makes winds His messengers (angels), flames of fire His servants (ministers).”Above the sea of fire, I saw a huge ball of light, like the sun that was just above the fire. I knew this was God.

“He wraps Himself in light as with a garment.” (Psalms 104:2)

It was like He was the sun and immense rays of light emanated from Him. When the flames burned hotter and upward, it was as if He would burn brighter. This caused the flames of fire to reciprocate in intensity and it kept increasing. I felt the sensation of burning but it was wonderful. It was an exquisite pain. Then I saw a angel fly out from behind the Presence of the Lord. The angel was made of fire. Imagine the consistency of the Northern Lights if they were made of fiery flames. The wings were moving and morphing back and forth. While there was an outline of an angel with wings, it did not look like a man. It was light and fire that was constantly moving.

The angel flew above the sea of flames and began to wave his wings back and forth. This caused the fires to burn even higher and brighter. The angel then flew closer to me and engulfed me within the fire that made up his shape. While I was indeed having a personal encounter , I knew that everyone else there was having the same experience. It was personal and yet corporate. I heard the Lord say, “ Lisa, you must pass through the fire. They must all pass through the fire.”

Then the scene changed. I was in a courtyard or atrium. It was rectangular like a roman or Spanish style house. There was a sunken courtyard paved with stones that contained a huge stone altar. It was about 3 feet high, 5 feet by 7 feet length and width. There were two or three steps that stepped up into the hallway portion that completely surrounded the atrium. At the entrance to this atrium room the Angel of Fire was standing there waiting. As I came in into the room, there were 5 pillars or columns. You had to pass through them to enter the area of the altar.

“You must pass through the fire. They must all pass through the fire.”

The columns were very unique. They seemed to be alive. They seemed to have something alive and moving within the interior of their design. I could see that they also contained fire, but it seemed the fire was alive and had personality inside the pillars. Again, I heard the voice of the Lord say, “You must pass through the fire. They must all pass through the fire.” I began to wonder if I was the sacrifice that was to be on the altar. I did not have time to ask because the scene changed again.

Next I was taken to what looked like a subway terminal. I came through a stone tunnel and found myself standing in front of the turnstiles that allow entrance to the train. I discovered that there the track was missing and I did not see or hear any train or subway traffic. Beyond me I could see a huge silver disc that was where the train should have been. It began to spin and a huge column of fire erupted from it. This pillar of fire was tremendous similar to a tornado in shape and form. I heard the Lord say once more, “You must pass through the fire. They must all pass through the fire.”

While I was extremely aware of my inner fear, I found myself passing through the gate and leaping into the column of fire. Immediately I felt the fire burning and searing at me. At first, it felt painful and I wanted it to stop. Next I felt an intense wave of passion and love for the Father. I felt like the love of God was consuming me. I couldn’t stand it but I could not bear the thought that it might not continue forever. I wanted Him more than I have ever wanted anything. I knew that I was being purified and cleansed. I sensed that God was transforming me and imparting His love and zeal into my being.

The fire continued to burn and I felt the healing power of God as He searched out ever place in my heart, mind and body. The fire was healing me. Wounds of all kinds were being treated and healed.

While the healing power of God was permeating me, I began to feel something else begin to stir. It was fire that was awakening zeal and a strong desire for obedience. The Lord was placing within me a burning passion to fight and work for His kingdom. The fire had a quality to commission and equip for warfare. The Spirit of Might was present as well as the Spirit of counsel. Like a piece of pottery I was being shaped by these intense flames of the Lord.

As I continued to stand in the midst of the flames, the Lord began to reveal to me the power of protection there. He showed me that when I was in the fire I was in the surest place of safety. The fire would bring destruction to enemies but became a shelter and shield for those inside. I then felt like I was one of the famous Hebrew children in the fiery furnace. I felt like the Lion of Judah was walking with me in there. His presence was so strong that again I felt like I might die or literally be consumed. Fear seemed to want to grip me as I considered the nearness of the Lord Himself, but the intense love and healing flames were still engulfing me as well. This was surely a place of divine protection for those God had made ready. It was awesome and terrible. I had encountered the fiery Lion of Judah and lived.

I am sure that the Body of Christ is being called to a place of cleansing, awakening,deliverance, healing, equipping and protection. God is releasing revelation about many concepts in His word, including the refiner’s fire that He talks about in Malachi chapter 3. He has a time that He is going to send fire to His servants.

I believe that God wants us to be like Isaiah and express to Him our inabilities

(Isaiah Chapter 6): “that His strength can be made perfect in weakness.”

“He who began the work (fire) is faithful to complete it.”

Jump in the fire…be transformed and live.

Lisa McFarland July 4, 2008 Ana Mendez-Ferrel Conference Orlando, Florida

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