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Lisa “Warring Dove” McFarland, is the founder of Warring Dove International which encourages men and women to seek the Glory of God and contend to see “His kingdom established on the Earth as it is in Heaven.


For the past 30 years Lisa has ministered as well as traveled nationally and internationally as a evangelist and missionary.

She trains and teaches ministers and the corporate body of Christ. She uses music ministry, worship warfare, deliverance, and profound Biblical teaching to equip men and women to take back the Kingdom and move forward in their eternal destinies and purposes. 


Warring Dove International has multiple locations. Each region of the world has it’s own DNA, resources, and mandates.


God has impressed upon us the benefits of using local leadership, smaller and increase locations that are multi functional.


To better serve the people and fulfill our missions.


Are You A World Changer?

Does your heart burn for the nations? Do you pray for those who have no hope, for justice, for the broken hearted. To see nations transformed through Christ’s love.


Warring Dove International trains and sends both long and short term missionaries to the nations every day.


Join us with your prayers and financial support, and become a World Changer today!