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Lisa “Warring Dove” McFarland, is the founder of Warring Dove International which encourages men and women to seek the Glory of God and contend to see “His kingdom established on the Earth as it is in Heaven."


For the past 30 years Lisa has ministered as well as traveled nationally and internationally as a evangelist and missionary.

She trains and teaches ministers and the corporate body of Christ. She uses music ministry, worship warfare, deliverance, and profound Biblical teaching to equip men and women to take back the Kingdom and move forward in their eternal destinies and purposes. 

The Spyglass

Prophetic Strategies & Intercession Targets

by Lisa McFarland

​The Spyglass presents current cutting edge revelation and prophetic insights for this season. Published in 2022, The Spyglass includes the words spoken in workshops, newsletters, and in person and draws from perspectives gleaned from God's Word, others in ministries, and from partners around the world.

We have decided to publish some of this season's revelations and strategies to assist you. You may purchase directly from our publisher.


Paperback - 165 Pages - $15.00


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