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Wardove - September 2019 Newsletter


This is the year of the blue; this is the year of Divine revelation and Christ is being revealed! In the fulness of time, God sent His son. You cannot separate time and glory. Wherever the throne of God is there is glory and wherever there is glory there is an angel who is measuring time or measuring the people.

During the marriage supper in Canaan, they asked Jesus to display his power and he said to his mother, "It's not yet my time." Yet, when she put a demand on Him and the Spirit that was in Him, she was able to tap prophetically into the power of the age to come and it was the best wine they had ever had. This is a time where God is giving revelation and the revelation in this season is the revelation of Christ.

Do you know what time it is? It's a time where God's revealing Himself and revealing the glory! God's glory is in this place right now!

A car has a timing chain that keeps it moving at a certain time and a pace. It speeds up when the driver presses the accelerator. In the glory, the reaper overtakes the plowman. If you want acceleration, you have to have more glory. We see in Psalm 29 where the glory and the thunder and his voice causes things to happen at his command in the time He says.

When I am in the Spirit I step out of time and then I'm in the glory. In the glory I am accelerated so I actually step into the future and I begin to operate in the age to come. Peter and John saw this up on the mountain and they didn't understand it. They didn't know what time it was. If they had known what time it was and that He was Messiah and the Kingdom was really there, they wouldn't have talked crazy! They would have known that the building and Kingdom He was talking about was spiritual instead of trying to build 3 little mini-churches on top of a mountain. They didn't know what time it. was. They didn't know that it was time for the Messiah. Because they didn't know what time it was, they didn't come out of the glory and bring it where they were. For a moment they were outside of time and there was a fulness of time and they were experiencing the cloud. But then they come back down after they almost initiate apostasy and heresy. When they get back down to the bottom of the mountain, they can't cast out the demon.

God created time for you that He might subject principalities and powers that were eternal and make them submit to the laws on the earth, so that you as Kings and Priests would cause them to be subject to time. We were made a little lower than angels. We were made in His likeness, mortal. God did that so that we might overcome every work of the enemy. Time should not be our enemy. We should redeem it and use it as a weapon. If you don't understand time, you are just wasting it and the enemy is coming and chewing it up. Time is a weapon.

We must be in the right place and time and have the right motives and heart. These components are like the tumblers in a combination lock. Without all of them in place, you cannot open the vault. You must have the right time: God's time, the appointed time. You must have the right place. It takes obedience to be positioned correctly. It's a test, will you go to the place that God is calling you, like the children of Israel. You must also have the right heart, the same vision and values as God. You must have the right motive. God wanted David because he went to the right place at the right time and David’s heart was like the heart of the Lord. They had the same heart. Unless these 3 combinations line up, you will never open the door to mysteries or have the deep revelation of Jesus.

It's BIG!!

It's much bigger than you think! It's not just a baby; it's a nation. Sarah wanted a baby, but God wanted a nation. Joseph is an example of "big." He lived his life loving God and loving others, and his family saw him as the hope for their future. However, God had much bigger things for him... like saving the nation and giving hope to the world. David couldn't build a house big enough for God, but God said He would build a throne for him and it would last forever.

God upgrades us to a bigger vision, His vision. Paul thought his work for the Lord was limited to those he could impact on his circuit around the world, but God used even his time in prison to write part of the Bible and leave an endless legacy in the Kingdom. The Kingdom is BIG!! We must repent for short/small faith and ask God for BIG faith. Ask Him for faith for nations!

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