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Wardove - August 2019 Newsletter



JULY 22 - AUGUST 16, 2019


Living a Life Focused in Him

We just came back from a very productive time in Mozambique. Africa on Fire Ministries and Warring Dove International are both called to reach nations and share the love of Jesus. After over 30+ hours of traveling from Dallas/Fort Worth - Doha, Qatar - Johannesburg, South Africa - Maputo, Mozambique, we were united once again with our precious brothers and sisters.

Our teams ministered at conferences in Chibuto and Morrumbala, visited churches,  and visited areas hit by the cyclones earlier this year. Church plants from previous years were prospering and welcomed our encouraging words. Geta Bedasso spent much of his time with the children adopted by the Center of Hope at the mission base in Chibuto.

We carried clothes, vitamins, office supplies, duct tape, IT equipment and more to be used by the ministries in Mozambique. Sewing equipment was purchased and we are hoping to train those who, in turn, can train others.

There was a 3-day agricultural seminar that our missionary, Stephen Toburen, helped set up. More than 70 residents came to learn how to increase their crops, and they also had an opportunity to hear the Gospel. It was a great seminar and it greatly helped ministries there to reach the communities and become self-sustaining.

Some of the testimonies were so amazing! In Morrumbala, the teams prayed after the crusades we held at night. A man whose eyes were clouded to the point of blindness received full capacity of sight and his eyes cleared up before our eyes! Two other individuals who were deaf in one ear experienced God's healing touch and began to hear.

We were astounded as over 500+ people walked for days and rode on flat-bed semi-trailers with infants tied on their backs to come to the services in Morrumbala. Pastors rode bikes. People from many miles away, some even 8 hours, rode in trucks that came to pick them up 40-50 at a time. Those precious believers slept on the ground and had no electricity, hot water, or showers and yet rejoiced at hearing God's Words. There were so many people, we ran out of food 4-5 times. It was like a scene from Matthew 14! We are so touched by the worship and movement of God as the Mozambicans danced, sang, and listened to the teachings we brought to them.

Many have given monies and prayers over the last 3 years for South African and Mozambique mission teams of Warring Dove International. We want you to know that every tear, every dollar and every ounce of prayer is working. We could see such a change in the children from last year. They have grown physically and in the Lord. They are able to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts and cassava from the land they are working. A new solar panel system has been built to supply water to the water tank on the base and a new cafeteria/kitchen and guest houses have been built. Now more mission teams can come and they can feed more people. They feed over 200+ children each Saturday as they share Christ!

Please pray for Africa On Fire Ministries and Felito Utuie at the Center of Hope. God is moving in the earth and you are a part of it as you support Warring Dove International. You also share in the joy of those healed, saved, delivered, and rescued.

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